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Your Pageant Walk...what does it say about you?

12 Aug 2020 8:35 PM | Anonymous

All Pageant contestants dream of walking on stage and creating instant appeal with the Judges and audience members.  Sometimes, that doesn't happen and its due to one of the following reasons.  We've compiled the top 4 tips that can make or break your walk.

Practice generates confidence.  Just like interview, you need to dedicate time to practicing your walk.  30 minutes a few times a week is ideal.  Try to set up markers (similar to what you will do on stage) in your garage, living room or other area.  Make sure you are walking at a steady pace and not rushing through your stage time.  

Weight your arms.  Too many contestants make the mistake of letting their arms wave with the motion of their body, similar to when a bird is flapping its wings getting ready for take off.  Video tape your walk, if you see your arms making more movement then your legs, its an issue.  An easy fix to this is to use hand weights (1 lb) or carry something in each hand that will weight them down and train your arms to be close to your side with very little movement.  

Use the same shoes for practice on pageant night.  A good tip to follow is to find your shoes first, this way you can practice in them.  If you find another pair of shoes that you just love, either save them for interview or start practicing in the new shoes.  This does two things, wearing the shoes breeds familiarity which helps to calm your nerves and you've broken the shoes in with your practicing so they will feel more comfortable on your feet.  

Choose a gown that will flow with your body.  Lastly, make sure that your gown is going to flow well down the runway.  If you choose a gown that looks good while standing still but the train gets in your way or the hem isn't weighted down it can be disastrous.  So make sure you do a few practice walks in the store to make sure there are no issues with your new gown.  

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